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User guides and maintenance manuals, illustrated spare parts catalogues

Our team of experienced engineers, technical writers, drawers, designers and software specialists are involved in gathering technical information and write handbooks for our customers. A department of editing and printing takes care, following a set of specific rules (MIL - ATA - TER - AER P - NAV 70/80 - ISO - DTLS300 - DTLS400), of the page-layout, the graphics and both on paper and multimedia duplicating. All documents are prepared in electronic format according to the customer’s specific requirements (Sgml, Xml, Html, pdf, frameMaker, Indesign, PageMaker, Word, etc.).


Multimedia documentation

The possibility to have a digital documentation available over intranet network, makes the customer to request a higher number of digital support. The digital format has many advantages respect the paper:
- a fast access to the information;
- the automatic visualization of catalogue;
- The integration of videos inside the description;
- The possibility to use programming languages (like XML) and then the visualization on a PC via a browser. Moreover, a fast targeted research of information contained in the file.

Info and estimates